John Fallon is a classroom teacher passionate about developing ways to best merge the old with the new. John has designed Dolus: Finding the Journal of Odysseus an immersive ARG (alternate reality game) designed to augment his 7th grade students’ exploration of Homer’s Odyssey.

He also co-designed Blind Protocol with Paul Darvasi, an inter-school ARG for his 9th grade students that instructs on research skills and privacy related current events. He has also developed lessons to teach commercial games, like Her Story, as literary texts.

His game based learning work has been featured on National Public Radio’s MindShift, Edutopia, several books from Carnegie Mellon’s ETC Press and Peter Lang Publishing, BAM! Radio Network, and District Administration magazine. John is a member of the IGDA Learning and Education Games Special Interest Group, and he regularly speaks on issues relating to education, particularly game based learning. He believes games are natural learning engines that both augment traditional methods of learning and are essential learning experiences themselves.

John also hosts The Good Game Podcast with Tobias Staaby. If you want to hear more about game based learning, give it a listen and subscribe! We have tons of guests who are doing amazing things with games and learning.

twitter: @johnCfallon


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